Using English instead of Japanese

Recently, I often read articles about the decrease in advertising revenue.

The decline in Japan’s economic activity means that the number of advertisements itself is decreasing.

The increase in the number of YouTube channels is also one of the reasons.

It is exactly the “red ocean” state.


How can we increase the number of registrations and plays and increase revenue?

Can I move from Red Ocean to Blue Ocean?

I would like to express my own opinion based on the information obtained from my own research.


This time, I’ll start with a conclusion.

Don’t you think it’s better to make a video in English?

Instead of using Japanese to create a video work, if you compose it in English, the number of viewers will increase.

Of course, many people use English, so if you compose your work in English, you will get more viewer.

It can be differentiated from the channels that can only be composed in Japanese.


For example, many people compose their works with Japanese introduction to the channel of “delicious Japanese cuisine.”

The target of this person is only “the Japanese-speaking person.”

If you don’t understand Japanese, you won’t be able to understand the contents.


However, there are those who have a similar viewing work with subtitles in full English.

I won’t name it, but the number of registered users is at the level of several million.

There are many people who want to see “English programs” even if they have the same content.

Even though most people in the world are introduced in Japanese, they do not understand the contents.


Today, Japan tourism boasts the number one popularity in the world.

Because the price for the services you receive is extremely cheap and cost-value is high.

** Note: This means that Japanese salaries and service fees are too cheap compared to other countries.

If you work abroad, earn foreign currency, and play in Japan, it is perfect for how to use money.


Gathering information before visiting Japan It is natural that “Japanese people who know Japan” produce programs in English.

Of course, you want to know about the hidden spots introduced by locals and such information.

The information I want to know while I travel abroad is the same.



We Japanese should aim for a large market called the world.

I’m sure that when I compose a sentence in English, I might get a different ad.

It is a challenge that I must actually try.


Originally, I wanted to provide information in Japanese from overseas, but the point of view that should be paid attention to is different.

This is the answer: “Communicate information about Japan in English.”

There are many foreigners who are interested in Japan not only in sightseeing but also in investment.

The depreciation of the Japanese yen should be a good opportunity for foreign investors who buy real estate and companies.


Well, I would like to go out to eat with my camera, but let’s go for a walk around Akihabara first.

 I would like to examine the content that foreigners seem to like…